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1995: the death metal band Aggressor changes it’s name to No-Big-Silence (Cram – vocals, Villem Tarvas – guitar, Kristo Kotkas – guitar, Raimo Jussila – bass, Marko Atso - drums), playing a mixture of metal and hardcore. The band records a studio album „99“ with 10 songs and makes a debut performance under the new name as a support act for Motörhead.

1996: NBS plays a number of gigs in Estonia, Latvia and performs on the main stage of Pepsi Sziget festival in Budapest. In the end of the year Raimo Jussila leaves the band and Villem Tarvas picks up bass.

1997: the release of the previously recorded album „99“, while NBS is already experimenting with new styles, bringing elements of industrial metal into their music. First sound modules are appear in the gear. A new album with a code name of „Unreleased“ is recorded but never released due to the inactivity of the record label, „New Race“ being the key track of the new material. The band performs as a special guest of Waltari’s Finnish tour.

1999: NBS is a guest support for two gigs of Metallica’s „Load“ tour in Kiev and Tallinn.

2000: Marko Atso leaves the band during the recording session of „Successful, Bitch and Beautiful“ and is replaced by Kristo Rajasaare (Kosmikud). The radio hit „On The Hunt“ broadens the audience of NBS remarkably and the band develops a distinctive musical handwriting. Guest appearance as a support act for Iron Maiden’s „Brave New World“ tour Tallinn gig.

2001: the video „Star DeLuxe“ is awarded with the Golden Disc as the best video of the year. NBS tours with Suburban Tribe in Finland and is the support act for Rammstein’s „Mutter“ tour in the Baltic countries. The track „Robot Super Lover Boy“ marks a new standard in the quality of the band’s songwriting. Radiopop meets metal.

2002: NBS makes a concert-tour Estonia’s highschools.

2003: NBS gives a memorable show in the largest open-air festival „Õllesummer“.

2004: the project „Kuidas Kuningas Kuu peale Kippus“ with Peeter Volkonski and the band Kosmikud. The recording gets the best album award of national television’s culture program „OP“. In August the grand project „Suurte Masinate Muusika“ with Tiit Kikas is revealed.

2005: „Suurte Masinate Muusika“ is performed again in Leigo open-air and recorded for the upcoming DVD. Thunder roars and it rains like hell.

2006: the album „War In Wonderland“ is released.

2007: the DVD „Suurte Masinate Muusika“ is released. In Leigo „Suurte Sõjamasinate Muusika“ is performed with grande finale overflight of a fighter jet. In the end of the year Kristo Rajasaare leaves the band.

2008: NBS holds auditioning sessions to find a new drummer. Rainer Mere joints the band on drums.

2009: by summer NBS records and releases a new album „Starstealer“ and makes a video of the track „Chain Me“. In October NBS departs on a club-tour in Estonia, it’s been 7 years since the last one.